Virtual 360° Tour

Pure realism inside and outside.

If you own a special property that you want to offer for sale or rent on the Internet, a holiday resort or the terrain of your golf club, I can take high-resolution photos for you and connect them to interactive, virtual tours that will astonish your visitors.

Virtual, interactive 360° tours made of panoramic photos are the ideal way to present premises or landscapes.

They offer an all-around view of the scenery that can not be presented the same way by conventional techniques as photography or video. The special strength lies in the interactivity. Unlike photos and videos where the observer adopts a passive role, in virtual tours the visitor stands in the centre of the scene and can turn by 360° like in real life, see in all directions and discover his/her surrounding as long as he/she wants to.

In a virtual tour you have a 360° x 180° perspective in all directions, ideal for rooms and landscapes, as if you were there in real life. The tours are guided with the help of  Javascript and no further software installation is required from the visitor. The loading time of a panoramic image runs, depending on the internet connection, between 1 and 5 seconds and necessary plugins are loaded automatically into the browser.

To make your virtual tour even more real, I can offer you the following features:

  • Hotspots (to connect the different panoramas)
  • Sketches (for a comfortable navigation)
  • Sound and lensing effects (making the panorama more realistic)
  • Background music (for the right atmosphere)
  • Video (Instead of an empty TV-screen we can display a video)
  • Animations (A wall clock shows the right time)
  • Picture gallery (Click on the photos lying on the table to look at them)